EVOLVE Exclusive E10

The EVOLVE Exclusive E10 antenna takes functionality, flexibility, and cost efficiency to a new level. The E10 antenna is offered in three different versions, to meet the unique needs of each retailer:

  • RF-only, which can be upgraded to RFID when needs require
  • RFID-only for retailers committed to an RFID architecture
  • Dual-mode RF/RFID to create a seamless bridge from legacy to cutting edge approaches

The E10 comes equipped with high-quality graphics panels integrated into the antenna design, rather than as an add-on capability. The E10 is the first in the industry to support high-quality printed fabrics graphics panels as an integral part of the design, and represents an extremely easy process for applying new graphics to the antenna’s display area.

  • Tracks location and direction of RFID tags
  • Lower false alarms
  • Improved merchandising flexibility near the exit
  • Differentiated alarm for high-value items
  • Patented virtual deactivation technology