Classic N10

Space or the lack of in convenience stores is a challenge, especially when it comes to installing EAS solutions. Systems need to be small enough to fit into the entrance/exit doorway, but still have the high detection rates of a larger solution. Ease of installation is another requirement in confined and restricted areas, where disruption has to be kept to a minimum.

The CLASSIC N10 from Checkpoint Systems has been developed alongside our C-Store partners and due to its small footprint and great performance, will fit perfectly into a convenience store environment. The N10 is simple to install and maintain and provides an effective EAS solution without impacting much needed merchandising space.


Features and Benefits 

  • Compact EAS Antenna for smaller entrances/exits
  • Backfield Detection allows for closer merchandising without false alarms
  • Jammer Detection alerts stores to the use of EAS Jammers
  • Flashing LED provides visual deterrent
  • Simple to install and maintain