2928 EP Clear Micro Tamper

Checkpoint’s 2928 EP Clear Micro Tamper Tag is a very small, clear RF EAS label that guarantees enhanced performance protection. It features a visible circuit with black lock image for strong visual and theft deterrence. It also has a clear window space that simultaneously protects brand and product information on packaging.

The 2928 EP Clear Micro Tamper Tag’s unique size allows for use on virtually any type of product. Tamper-resistant adhesive adds to the protection, securing the label permanently to the packaging. When combined with custom tamper-proof printing, this label can be used to combat Organized Retail Crime and resale. Checkpoint has a solution for virtually every product-protection need, and supports in-store application as well as source-tagging at the point of manufacture.

  • Reduces shrink by 30% or more and increases sales by 10% or more*
  • Visible circuit provides greater visual deterrence than plain labels
  • Custom tamper-proof printing options available for store branding,
  • ORC prevention, and more
  • Bonds to all packaging substrates within 27 hours
  • Damages packaging material when removal is attempted
  • Clear viewing window; complements brand and packaging
  • Smaller size, enhanced performance protection for high-value/high-risk cosmetics and other discrete items
  • Designed to support high-speed @Source integration
  • Greener packaging: less material means less waste

*Based on customer trials and research