2815 EP Shoe Label

The 2815 EP Shoe Label is designed specifically for the high-loss, hard-to-protect footwear category. Engineered to perform, this streamlined Checkpoint EP label provides increased accuracy and precision for greater merchandise protection and better on-shelf availability. Developed for high-speed @Source integration, it features a smaller footprint than ever for easy placement on virtually any shoe style, with less material waste. What’s more, greater heat tolerance means this label will continue to provide a high level of performance during the rigorous integration process.

Checkpoint’s patented double deactivation system guarantees permanent deactivation of correctly integrated shoe labels.

  • Designed specifically for shoes
  • Smaller and more effective
  • Increased accuracy and precision
  • Greater heat tolerance
  • Engineered for high-speed @Source integration
  • Better alarm management
  • Improved on-shelf availability
  • Discreet protection for improved customer experience