Hard Tag at Source

Checkpoint’s industry-leading Hard Tag @ Source (HT@S) program combines the benefits of a strong visual theft deterrent with point-of-manufacture tagging.

Checkpoint’s specially designed hard tags withstand the product lifecycle of apparel merchandise, from factory to store. They are lightweight, reusable and visually pleasing, while offering superior detection and easy removal upon purchase. Employing HT@S ensures consistency and tagging compliance while removing the high cost of in-store tagging labor. Merchandise arrives in stores properly secured against theft and ready to be placed on shelves for purchase.

Managed via Checkpoint’s Check-Net service, HT@S improves merchandise protection, increases operational efficiency and enhances consumer satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

  • The core of a comprehensive source tagging program
  • An environmentally friendly solution, built on reusing tags
  • Global solution where top retail brands have created a fast moving shared pool of tags
  • Total Quality Management-compliant – meeting strict process, environmental and quality control standards
  • Real-time EDI-capable
  • An extension of shrink management into the supply chain