EAS works, there is no doubt about it, but in order for it to provide retailers like you with the very best return on their investment, it must integrate easily with retail operations.
EVOLVE-Store is the latest innovation from Checkpoint Systems, involving a real-time app. The app delivers real-time information through a smartphone or tablet, providing real-time visibility and engagement with your EAS & ORC theft prevention systems.

The EVOLVE-Store app will help to improve your consumer conversion rates through real-time visibility of the number of shoppers in your store and measures your policy compliance by managing response times to alarm events.

By monitoring, measuring and managing an EAS program, you can deter opportunistic thieves and ORC activity, reduce shrink and increase on-shelf availability, sales and profits. This in turn, improves your staff confidence and engagement with their EAS program ensuring a significant return on investment.

Features & Benefits

  • Real time app enabling real-time visibility and engagement
  • Combined functionality of several reporting solutions
  • Visibility of theft-related events affecting the store
  • Engages colleagues with EAS and ORC solutions
  • Enables colleagues to make smarter real-time decisions
  • Focuses on shrink without impacting sales