The EVOLVE iRange P10, is now upgradable to RFID through a fi eld installation upgrade kit giving retailers a smooth transition to RFID. The P10 RFID leverages all the advantages of RFID technology as well as serving as a powerful solution for loss prevention at entrances / exits and acting as a visual deterrent for would be shoplifters. The P10 RFID supports Checkpoint’s unique One Tag™ approach, using a single RFID tag for inventory visibility and loss prevention; support for differentiated alarms based on the quantity and/or value of the merchandise leaving the store and support for Checkpoint’s patented Wirama Radar™ for vastly superior tag-read accuracy, directionality and location. Building on this strong foundation, The EVOLVE iRange P10 RFID delivers retailers a number of essential business benefits.

Features & Benefits

  • RF and/or RFID technology – flexible adoption of RFID technology
  • RFID upgrade – existing P10 field service upgrade
  • Supports OneTag program – leverages a single tag for RFID and EAS
  • Identification of quantity of items causing alarms
  • Identification of items causing alarms
  • Lower false alarms – tracks location and direction of RFID tags