EVOLVE Exclusive E10 RFID

The EVOLVE EXCLUSIVE E10 RFID Antenna fully leverages the power of the same RFID tag used for inventory management throughout the supply chain and store, by also serving as a powerful solution for loss prevention at the store entrance. Now, retailers not only benefit from improved inventory accuracy through reduced out-of-stocks, reduced working capital and increased sales, they also extend these benefits all the way to the front of the store, where theft events are detected, monitored, and often prevented.

The E10 Antenna leverages Checkpoint’s patented Wirama Radar™, which reduces false alarms and improves merchandising flexibility and the use of valuable real estate near the store entrance.

  • RFID-based EAS
  • Enhanced Loss Prevention
  • Wirama Radar™ capability*
  • Differentiated alarms*
  • High-quality graphic panels with your choice of design

*denotes capability of RFID-equipped pedestals