Open EPC Number Management

Checkpoint’s Open EPC Number Management Solution is a cloud-based application that is easy to deploy for retailers and their suppliers, and enables them to manage that complex, growing array of GTIN and serialization data inherent in RFID labeling solutions.

The Open EPC Number Management Solution is built on the OAT Foundation Suite, one of the most mature and robust software platforms in the industry today. The solution helps retailers and their suppliers achieve a wide array of impressive benefits to help them reduce out-of-stocks, decrease their working capital requirements and increase sales.

  • Flexibility in choosing label vendors without locking into a specific label supplier, encoding software, printer version or label format
  • Support for EPCGlobal standards for RFID labels and number management
  • Central management and provisioning of EPC numbers by SKU
  • Global distribution of EPC numbers to consuming applications, including service bureaus and in-house printing applications
  • Eliminating risks of number duplication
  • Providing a standard interface for EPC numbers delivered to external consuming applications