Handheld Visibility Solution

Retailers have long struggled to limit out-of-stocks that impact their sales and margins, increase costs and reduce customer loyalty. Existing solutions lack accurate and timely inventory data both on the sales floor and in the back room to have an impact on this challenge.

Now, Checkpoint offers retailers an out-of-the-box, affordable way to make their initial step into Merchandise Visibility – the Handheld Visibility Solution.

The new solution provides accurate and timely information for both the sales floor and back room, delivering tangible business benefits to retailers by reducing out-of-stocks, reducing working capital requirements, and increasing sales.

  • Accurate inventory and replenishment reports
  • Low impact on in-store IT and operations staffs
  • Cost-effective way to provide return on investment (ROI)
  • Strengthens item tagging, item receiving, and inventory counting
  • Enhances point-of-sale item tracking, inventory retirement and customer returns