Development Tools

This is a broad range of kits and tools carried by the sales team and offices that are in place to simplify the product development process. Whether working on a specific paper selection or creating a new woven label, Checkpoint has tools to help with this process and speed up the future development.

DEVELOP Global Material Guide

  • A collection of creative development tools delivered in a branded desktop container.


Checkproof is Checkpoint’s global depository of your current approved art work. Proofs and revisions are handled in a global online environment resulting in reduced development time and simplified management of all merchandise identification products. Harnessing the power of the internet, Checkproof revolutionizes the classic proofing cycle by enabling our customers to collaborate in real-time on original, full-resolution production files.

Benefits of using Checkproof:

  • Cost Savings – Correction cycles shortened, errors minimized, production time and cost significantly reduced
  • Security – The use of invitations and passwords ensures the secure storage of your brand identity. Users can view entire workspaces or individual projects, you decide.
  • Dynamic Proofing – Unique proofing tools enables a complete remote proofing workflow
  • Compatibility – supports multiple file formats without conversion or compression
  • Collaboration – Users can simultaneously view, mark-up and annotate on screen in full resolution.
  • Online Ordering System