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This Store Lets You Shoplift for a Day

July 30, 2014

Japanese apparel chain GU recently made headlines by encouraging shoppers to shoplift their products for a day with a new “buy, wear, return” policy that is usually frowned upon in the retail industry…

GU, the company behind Uniqlo, is letting its customers test drive their outfits for a day before deciding to hand over their credit cards. The clothes must be returned on the same day, and reports suggested that the returned outfits will be used to dress mannequins. The concept of test driving outfits for a day could mean the end of ‘wardrobing’ – buying an item, wearing it once and then returning it as unworn.

Like sister store Uniqlo, the clothes at GU are aimed at those on a budget, making the potential for loss minimal, and the scheme is limited to 30 people a day.