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Security label research puts Checkpoint at top of the class

October 22, 2016

TUV Rheinland verified results show Checkpoint Systems’ RF labels outperform competitor products across the board


Checkpoint Systems, a global supplier of merchandise availability solutions to the retail industry, has today revealed new research into the performance of radio frequency (RF) based labels.


The testings, independently verified by TUV Rheinland – a global provider of technical, safety and certification services – compared a range of soft tags for the key metrics that define the quality of RF security labels. The label testing compared 30 different sized solutions produced by Checkpoint Systems and the top manufacturers and suppliers in the market place.


Whilst traditionally retailer’s primary focus is on detection, other key performance measures such as Deactivation & Reactivation which affect the store environment and shopper experience and overall ROI have also been tested.


Increased Detection

With the need to protect a wider variety of products increasing, the development of smaller labels with the ability to offer similar detection to that of the standard labels has become a priority to retailers.


The TUV Rheinland verified results revealed that Checkpoint’s 4×4 labels achieved the most consistent levels of detection. The test also found that Checkpoint’s 33mm round labels performed as well as competitors 40mm round label. These smaller and more powerful labels take up less visible space on product packaging, ensuring that branding is not obstructed and important consumer information is displayed.


Improving the checkout process

A fast checkout and accurate first time deactivation is crucial to minimise the number of unnecessary false alarms at store exit, improving customer satisfaction.


Part of the research focused on the ease of label deactivation for store cashiers. Achieving consistency in this area enables staff to confidently deactivate RF labels quickly, delivering faster checkout speeds. Inconsistencies leads to embarrassed shoppers, decrease in alarm compliance – negatively impacting their investment in their Loss Prevention solutions.


The results of the test revealed that Checkpoint’s labels achieved the most consistent levels of deactivation with their products consecutively ranking in the top 5, with only two competitor products featuring in the top 10.


Minimising reactivation

Reactivated labels can create two different issues in the store. Firstly, when shoppers bring pre-purchased tagged items into the store, triggering the alarms – known as ‘tag pollution’, and secondly, when labels reactivate between the point of sale and point of exit.


Two different forms of reactivation, static and dynamic, were tested in conditions designed to replicate real life scenarios. The former means labels spontaneously reactivate, while the latter is seen when labels reactivate when product is used, which represents real life situation. Lower rates improve the shopper experience and minimise unnecessary alarms.


While a number of labels achieved zero per cent reactivation on the static test, Checkpoint RF labels were proven to have the lowest reactivation rates in the industry across the static testing, with only one competitor product achieving dynamic reactivation of less than 0.5 per cent, compared to six of Checkpoint’s products.


Alarmingly, more than half of the testing sample was shown to have a reactivation rate in excess of four per cent when testing dynamic reactivation, and with over 6bn RF labels sold worldwide, this reveals a potentially huge tag pollution issue globally.


Ensuring successful source tagging

For those Retailers or Vendors that have implemented a source tagging programme involving automated label application, confidence in the ability of the RF label to survive the application process is critical. However, they generally don’t have the necessary controls in place to monitor the impact their application has on the RF labels.


Checkpoint’s research revealed that up to 10 per cent of competitor labels are ‘killed’ during the application process due to Electro Static Discharge – in addition to non-functioning labels found on delivered rolls.


Following thorough testing, none of Checkpoint’s labels were ‘killed’ during the application process, with only one other matching the performance. It’s recommended that only labels recording this level should be considered as part of a source tagging programme, as retailers can be confident that their investment will deliver the highest percentage of live labels in store every time.



Retailer’s primary focus is on the detection but the real pain points are felt elsewhere and the data proves Checkpoint products minimise the effects felt in these areas, maximising in-store efficiencies and the return on investment. Shrink is on the increase across most regions and verticals, though average spend on Loss Prevention is down. For this reason, it is even more important for retailers to ensure that they are getting the best value for money.


The research confirms that Checkpoint’s labels add significant value to a retailer’s operations, by enhancing the in store experience, improving operational efficiency in addition to reducing shrink by ensuring class leading label performance.


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