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RFID Upgrade Kit for EVOLVE iRange Antenna Enables Retailers to Use Single Tag for Inventory Visibility, Loss Prevention

May 7, 2015

Technology should make life easier for both consumers and retailers. The RFID upgrade kit for EVOLVE iRange P10 antennas gives retailers a smooth migration to RFID by enabling the use of a single tag for both inventory visibility and loss prevention.


The P10 RFID leverages all the advantages of RFID technology as well as serving as a powerful solution for loss prevention at entrances/exits and a visual deterrent for would-be shoplifters. It supports Checkpoint’s unique One Tag™ approach, enabling retailers to use a single RFID tag for inventory visibility and loss prevention; support for differentiated alarms based on the quantity and/or value of the merchandise leaving the store; and support for Checkpoint’s patented Wirama Radar™ for vastly superior tag-read accuracy, directionality and location. This enables retailers to place merchandise closer to exit doors, minimizing the risk for false alarms.

In addition to retailer advantages, consumers benefit because stores can monitor inventory more closely and replenish “true” out of stocks, so items they seek will be available on shelves when purchasing online through click and collect, or buying directly in stores.

Beyond a full deployment of mobile service technicians worldwide, Checkpoint offers retailers a variety of maintenance and enhancement options through its Service Maintenance Programs, including the ability to connect rapidly to any store using EVOLVE iRange solutions, as well as enabling important system reviews and adjustments to be carried out rapidly with minimal impact to the store.  It also offers reactive remote support and proactive remote support with Key Performance Indicators such as system performance reporting and service levels across retailer estates.

The upgrade kit is fitted by Checkpoint Systems service technicians to existing or new P10 antennas.