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All eyes on Checkpoint’s new RF label

June 22, 2017

Leading merchandise availability solutions provider reveals unique solution for eyewear and other hard to tag merchandise


22nd June 2017 – Checkpoint Systems, a leading provider of merchandise availability solutions for the global retail industry, has announced the launch of MicroFlex – a new, unique RF label that is designed to help retailers reduce external shrink on traditionally hard to protect merchandise.


With the majority of retailers choosing to display merchandise openly to allow customers to try before they buy, MicroFlex helps improve the customer experience by enabling full interaction with the products, whilst simultaneously deterring opportunistic thieves.


An alternative to hard tags, MicroFlex features Checkpoint’s clear Micro EP labels with visible circuit and the company’s trademarked Black Lock logo, both of which amplify risk to potential dishonest shoppers. MicroFlex incorporates tough clear PET to avoid tears and can be easily applied, both in store by staff or at the point of manufacture by brands themselves.


Retailers that have introduced the 2928 EP Clear Micro Tamper Tag onto other merchandise, such as cosmetics, have seen shrinkage reduce by 30% or more and sales increase by 10% or more. The versatility of the new solution – the small label on an adhesive carrier – means that it can used on a diverse range of metallic items such as jewellery, small accessories, golf clubs, handbags and kitchenware to name a few.


Ivan Gosling, European Product Manager at Checkpoint Systems, commented: “There is a fine balance between protecting merchandise and maximising sales. Retailers recognise that some security solutions do not allow their customers to fully interact with the product.


“This unique and versatile solution delivers minimal impact on the customer experience and product display, while carrying the Black Lock logo for maximum deterrence on the smallest, best-performing label on the market. Not only that, the checkout experience is improved as the label is quickly deactivated at the point of sale and can be removed at home.”


MicroFlex is available to retailers immediately.