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Checkpoint’s latest Alpha Keeper™ allows retailers to display high-theft family planning products with confidence

August 10, 2010

Industry study supports the cost-effectiveness of Keepers, which reduce theft and deliver a positive return on investment.

Thorofare, NJ, August 10, 2010 – Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in innovative shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions for the retail industry and its supply chain, today announced that it has extended its range of Alpha Keepers to provide specific protection against theft of family planning products.

Alpha is a wholly-owned division of Checkpoint. As the leading developer of solutions for high-theft items, Alpha continuously uncovers new, high-risk merchandise categories. Working with its retail customers, Alpha develops innovative solutions that help reduce theft and increase sales of popular merchandise that is prone to theft.

Condoms are susceptible to theft due to their cost, easily hidden packaging, and also the perceived social embarrassment some people may feel when purchasing them. Checkpoint’s new Family Planning Keeper, a purposefully-designed, clear polycarbonate case, keeps condoms and other family planning merchandise safe on store shelves and protects their packaging, while allowing customers to browse and visually examine the items. Studies indicate that sales increase when merchandise is available on open display for evaluation by consumers.

When customers are ready to purchase, they bring the product, encased in the Keeper, to the cashier. The Keeper’s patented magnetic lock is quickly and easily removed by store checkout staff. This results in greater customer convenience, which is an important factor for retailers who seek to retain customers and improve their profitability.

The Alpha Family Planning Keeper is available in a 1–Alarm format for use with AM (Acousto Magnetic) or RF (Radio Frequency) Electronic Article Surveillance formats.

Checkpoint’s Alpha Keeper line is the broadest and most comprehensive of its kind in the industry and is designed to protect a wide range of high-theft items. These includes small, lightweight products that are easily hidden, such as health and beauty products, computer software and hardware, DVDs, video games, and merchandising accessories.

According to the latest Global Retail Theft Barometer (GRTB), worldwide shrink rose by nearly 6 per cent to almost $115 billion in 2009. The survey data showed that thieves tend to focus on small, branded items that have considerable appeal and are, therefore, easy to resell.

Per Levin, Checkpoint’s Worldwide President of Shrink Management Solutions, said, “Checkpoint’s Alpha Keeper was the first solution of its kind and is widely used in retail environments. The product has been proven in several studies to provide a strong visual deterrent to thieves, while ensuring a more satisfying shopping experience for customers.”

“Retailers are still facing financial pressures from the high costs associated with increased shrink during the recession. By combining the benefits of security and open merchandising, Keepers help retailers protect their products and their profits as the recovery continues.”

A 2008 study by the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) supported the economic value of investing in shrink management, both in terms of reduced theft and increased sales. It measured the effectiveness of various security devices, including Alpha Keepers, in preventing theft of razors and blades at four major North American retailers. The results showed that shrink, measured on a unit basis, was 59 percent lower in stores using Keepers, compared with other measures at control stores. The study also found that retailers saw a positive ROI with Keepers in just seven months.

In-person interviews conducted during the study found that customers overwhelmingly preferred security interventions to having the products locked in a display or behind the counter, and 80 percent gave the physical appearance of Keepers an ‘A’ rating. Store employees also responded positively, finding it easy to place products in the Keepers and to put them on display.

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