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Checkpoint Systems Launches Two Innovative Retail Software Solutions at NRF

June 19, 2008

THOROFARE, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 19, 2008–Checkpoint Systems (NYSE: CKP), a leading manufacturer and marketer of identification, tracking, security and merchandising solutions to the retail industry, has announced the addition of two new products-IncidentReporter and CaseManager – to its suite of CheckPro Shrink Management Software Solutions.

Designed to enhance chain-wide loss prevention efforts by providing store managers and executives throughout the retail enterprise with greater visibility to store activities, CheckPro Solutions capture and report on data from numerous store functions. These include audits, guest counting, EAS activity, in-store incidents and internal fraud investigations, all of which help to ensure the retailer is operating at optimum efficiency.

The first new solution, CheckPro IncidentReporter, enables retailers to monitor the number, nature, severity and cost of incidents such as stock losses, property damage, burglaries, theft, fraud, etc., across the entire store chain. The software allows users to quickly and easily record any type of incident, capturing all relevant information and keeping management up-to-date.

“IncidentReporter enables management to keep a close eye on all incidents that take place at the store level,” said Per Levin, Checkpoint’s Worldwide President, Shrink Management Solutions. “Once information is entered into the program, it is visible to authorized users and prompts a series of actions to ensure the incident is dealt with swiftly and in the correct manner. Giving executives this kind of visibility helps ensure patterns are caught before they become a major issue.”

A unique ‘dashboard’ is displayed to users when they log-in that outlines specific and important information relevant to their job role. The dashboard can display store, regional or company information and gives an overview of events that have occurred in the last 24 hours and during the last week, alerting management to incidents that might require their involvement.

Tables and graphs can be extracted from the system for easy reporting, displaying incident information such as number, cost or volume breakdown, type and location. A full breakdown of the cost to the retailer is calculated, including factors such as loss of stock, damage to property or third-party loss, helping management to keep track of the full cost of incidents, and to plan and budget for in-store improvements where necessary.

The other addition to the CheckPro suite of solutions is CaseManager, a web-hosted management system to help retailers manage their responses to internal fraud. CheckPro CaseManager software provides retailers with the framework to capture, investigate and handle suspected fraud cases. At the same time, it helps managers monitor the workload and productivity of their investigative teams.

Ideal for complex retail environments, where internal theft and fraud is an ever-increasing concern, CaseManager gathers information from the moment a case is logged, right through until the satisfactory closure of each case. Data from a number of sources, including confidential hotlines, data mining and field investigations is stored in one central, real-time database, building a complete and accurate picture of the status of individual cases.

“Developed specifically for the retail industry, this intelligent system gives retailers the power to stop fraudulent activities in their tracks and increase the chances of an expeditious, successful recovery,” notes Levin. “Its presence will help promote a zero-tolerance culture, which is essential in the fight against internal shrink.” The application allows managers to allocate cases, map out action plans, set deadlines, record evidence and produce reports quickly. Highly sophisticated analytics calculate the total value of
fraud detected and how much has been spent on investigations, and can provide a breakdown of data to identify trends by brand, region, individual store or time period.

Both IncidentReporter and CaseManager can be tailored to suit clients’ individual requirements and are multi-lingual and multi-currency, making them suitable applications for international organizations.

“These new additions add to the robustness of our CheckPro Software Solutions,” concludes Levin. “When paired with our latest Evolve EAS systems and Enhanced Performance labels, these and other CheckPro solutions make retailers’ EAS programs work harder to fight all types of shrink, from shoplifting to internal theft and fraud. Giving store executives an easy and effective way to drill down to details at the store level helps ensure compliance with store policies, which ultimately makes it harder to steal from a store with such a well-rounded shrink management program in place.”

Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

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