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Checkpoint Systems Introduces Evolve (TM) State-of-the-Art Shrink Management Platform

February 26, 2008

THOROFARE, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 26, 2008–Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CKP) today announced the introduction of its new, state-of-the-art Evolve shrink management platform. This next-generation suite of electronic article surveillance (EAS) products enables retailers to take shrink management to the next level. With its revolutionary new 360 RF technology, improved data connectivity, enhanced system integrity and aesthetically pleasing design, Evolve represents a quantum leap in EAS system performance, reliability, and reduced cost of ownership for retailers. The new system will be demonstrated at EuroShop 2008, February 23 to 27 in Dusseldorf, Germany (Hall 6 – Booth #C40), at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre.

Evolve provides retailers with a feature-rich, highly-scaleable EAS system to help reduce shrink, improve profitability, and enhance the consumer shopping experience while reducing unintended customer hassle created by false alarms. When combined with the benefits of RFID, Evolve will also increase inventory visibility, ensuring that retailers keep products on the shelves and available for purchase by their customers.

The new solution features 25% increased detection, differentiated alarm response through two EAS frequencies, integrated customer counting, Smart Alarm Management, Industry standard Ethernet connectivity and easy remote system upgrades.

“Retailers need the right tools to fight the increasing pressure they face due to shrink,” said Rob van der Merwe, Checkpoint Systems President and CEO. “Evolve attacks shrink more aggressively, while also offering technological advancements that result in fewer false alarms and therefore less hassle for consumers. Additionally, Evolve’s data connectivity enables our customers to deploy their limited resources more effectively.”

Evolve is based on a flexible software platform which provides advances over traditional EAS systems to become a truly integrated shrink management platform. A number of technological breakthroughs have made this qualitative advance possible:

— 360 RF – This new technology, developed for military
applications, features the 360-degree rotation of RF signals,
which results in better detection of RF security tags at all
angles. The detection performance of Evolve surpasses previous
systems, improving distance and pick rates by up to 25%. This
makes it possible for retailers to detect stolen merchandise
more effectively, while at the same time covering wider aisles
with fewer pedestals to preserve the look and feel of the
retail shopping environment.

— Smart Alarm Management (SAM) – Smart Alarm Management is an
intelligent alarm analysis tool that distinguishes between an
alarm set off by a person with tagged merchandise entering a
store, or with protected product exiting the store. It sends a
different signal for each, enabling store staff to react to
the situation appropriately.

— Software Defined Radio (SDR) – Evolve’s use of the Software
Defined Radio platform provides the ability to operate
simultaneously in both the 8.2 MHz and 9.2 MHz frequencies,
and potentially at one or several RFID frequencies. SDR also
allows retailers to upgrade their software easily, quickly and
inexpensively as new features and functionalities become
Evolve also offers enriched data connectivity. With built-in Ethernet support, Evolve systems allow retailers to seamlessly export store-level systems data, including people counts, using their existing in-store network infrastructure, to corporate headquarters and to Checkpoint monitoring personnel. Data collected can be incorporated into higher level analytical tools to provide greater visibility into store traffic and to detect theft patterns, enabling retailers to take intelligent, corrective counter measures to protect high-risk merchandise.

All of these improvements result in an EAS system with enhanced integrity. Store employees can respond to alarms with confidence, and store management will be able to track alarm responses to ensure that they are properly addressed.

According to Rob van der Merwe, Checkpoint CEO, “The Evolve shrink management system is the right solution at the right time. Our objective is to provide retailers with high quality, high-performing shrink management solutions. The ‘Checkpoint Way’ enables retailers to protect much of their current investments while providing them with a migration path to RFID at their own pace.”

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