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Checkpoint boxes clever with solution to keep products safe

October 9, 2017

StrapLok attaches to nylon straps, eliminating false alarms and reducing

theft-related shrinkage


October 9th, 2017 – Checkpoint Systems, a global leading provider of source to shopper solutions to the retail industry, has today announced the launch of its innovative StrapLok device that delivers enhanced loss prevention on consumer goods packed in strapped boxes.


StrapLok is an innovative antitheft and strong deterrant solution. It quickly attaches onto existing box nylon straps in-store. Rather than relying on a proximity switch – used by other manufacturers – to sense that it is close to the box, it uses innovative, patented technology to actively monitor the tension in straps. The StrapLok is an alternative product to the standard Spiders. It brings to the customer a time-saving solution when strapped boxes are ready in-store.


The solution alarms when the straps are cut by dishonest shoppers, while a secondary alarm is activated if the package is removed from the store. Importantly, by constantly monitoring the tension, false alarms triggered by loss of contact with box surface are eliminated – improving the shopping experience. StrapLok’s unique locking mechanism is also capable of tightening loose straps – reducing the waste created by and the time spent reapplying straps.


It can accommodate 6-12mm wide straps, while application and removal are quick and easy. Store staff simply open the device, position the base plate under one or both straps and slot them into the appropriate channels. The housing is then closed and the solution is activated by pushing the locking lever.


Irene Fernandez from Checkpoint Systems commented: “Some solutions require retailers to adopt a special strapping methods so that they can be placed near the corner of the product, where there is more tension to force the sensor against the box. StrapLok’s innovative design means it can be attached anywhere on the strap without impacting its performance. It puts the retailer first and represents a huge step forward in the way retailers protect big boxed items, like laptops, printers and kitchen appliances.”


StrapLok is available immediately. For more information visit