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Apparel, eyewear RFID success stories & Health & beauty innovations at RFID Journal LIVE

April 23, 2015

Apparel, eyewear RFID success stories & Health & beauty innovations at RFID Journal LIVE


Many are those looking forward to RFID Journal LIVE in San Diego, California. On the agenda, John Lewis department store retailer and Luxottica luxury and sports eyewear will be revealing how they are using RFID and NFC today…

If you’ve missed it, here are a couple of presentations you will be interested in at RFID Journal LIVE. John Lewis, a leading department store retailer in the UK, will explain how they made their first foray into RFID with a one store evaluation in the women’s shoes department. Based on the results of that project, they moved to men’s suits in four trial stores and four control stores, tagging at the source. At RFID Journal LIVE, they will show how they recently conducted a pilot in three shops which included the integration of their legacy systems and 25,000 SKUs across selected fashion assortments, the challenges they faced and how they plan to roll out item level RFID to more stores in 2015.

Luxottica Group, the world leader in premium, luxury and sports eyewear, is using NFC technology to manage unsold glasses that are returned from customers in 27 European countries. The project enables the company’s after-sales department to trace the crediting, quality control, refurbishing and packaging activities of almost 2 million pairs of glasses annually. An NFC tag in the shape of a small badge with a lanyard is applied to each item, enabling the firm to read directly from a tablet, identify the glasses and record all subsequent activities. At RFID Journal LIVE Learn how the project has enabled Luxottica to automate identification and traceability that was previously carried out by paper forms and complex reporting activities.

Other major retailers have expressed a strong interest in expanding RAIN (standing for RA-dio frequency I-dentificatio-N) RFID categories to include Health/Beauty/Cosmetics categories and some new RAIN RFID tags specifically designed for these products will help achieve the goals of auto replenishment and inventory management.

Checkpoint is indeed announcing its new Slim and Whisper RFID labels for Health/Beauty/Cosmetics Categories (ADD LINK TO WEB SECTION) with the latest Impinj® Monza® R6 chip. These categories have specific inventory management challenges based on their small size, SKU complexity and densely-packed merchandising displays. The Slim tags can be applied over the packaging of numerous health/beauty/cosmetics products and is tamper proof.  The Whisper is the smallest form factor in its category and comes with removable adhesive so that no marks are left on cosmetics products.

“The Monza R6 chip includes Integra technology which enables RAIN RFID labels to deliver higher data reliability and accuracy, which is a must for retail deployments.” said Craig Cotton, VP of marketing and product management at Impinj.